Hustler Video Presents

Shyla Stylez: Superstar

Format: DVD (480i)

Package: Single Disc

Audio: Stereo

Directed by: Axel Braun

Special features: BTS, Slideshows, Trailers, Some cheap merchandise plugs (, Sex Talk and Hustler Hollywood)

Cast: Shyla Stylez, Ramon Nomar, Marco Banderas, Erik Everhard, Evan Stone, Bruce Venture & Billy Glide

Who is famously blond, busty, and incredibly horny? Shyla Stylez! Shyla gets put on display and shows you the best of her famous moves, and invites you in to jerk off to her hot fucking talents!

Here we have a nice little straight to the point adult film.  Each scene is completely independent and has no real setup aside for some touching and stoking for you know she’s in the mood.  In the first scene you see the star locked up in a cage playing with herself. Noone else, just her, in a cage. But that’s still pretty hot if you ask me.  The second scene she’s all bound up while two guys work her over. Personally I’ve always seen this as me being tied up while two chicks work me over but hell it works.  The two guys are all about sexually torturing her and I say why not.

The third scene has a poor attempt at a set up but who cares.  She’s dressed up for fucking. What set up do you need. When a chick walks into a room dressed like that, she’s fucking someone. The final scene begins with Shyla Stylez proclaiming to be a superstar and proceeds to blow a few guys though some glory holes in the stall she’s sitting in. I’m not sure about you but glory holes are a dick flattener. The idea of pinching a loaf in an airport shitter while having some pretend straight guy who’s tired of his wife having a vagina instead of an ever hard cock jams his fuck stick though a hole in the wall thinking I’m gonna blow him instead of engaging in immediate combat does nothing to increase my desire to engage in sexual activity of any kind. However the scene was pretty nasty as indicated on the box. So they do have some truth in advertising.

The film has a good mix of stuff you might not otherwise see in the average film.  There was some anal, DP, bitch in a cage and glory hole (see above).  While Shyla has some fake tits that make me want to bark like a dog it’s not enough to make up for the short comings of the film. First off, the film starts off with advertisments. Make sure you skip past them before you grease up your hand or you’ll be stuck watching them in place of getting lube on your remote or computer mouse. Then if you missed it, you can see them again in the special features with more advertisements. What is this, the damn Superbowl?

Towards the end this film, my boner went away. That’s not easy to do. When you put ads in a film and glory holes you get one star.

However I would allow Shyla to give me a near death experience by suffocating me with her tits and thus that is worth a half star.

If you’re into filthy check it out. If not, just wack off to the cover art and call it a day.

Rating: 1.5 out of 5 stars

Review By: Knight


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